Matching Large Multinational Companies with Outstanding Service Firms
Publ. date 20 okt 2017
Globality was founded in 2015, based on the belief that helping small and midsize businesses become players in the global economy is the most important way to address globalization’s challenges. The organization’s mission is to make globalization work for more businesses and people around the world. Globality does this by providing a platform to small and midsize companies to participate in the global economy, helping them grow, create jobs and foster innovation.

Through Globality, businesses can find consulting firms to improve the effectiveness of a company’s energy, environment and social impact initiatives. Large businesses are increasingly taking the lead in addressing some of the world’s biggest environmental and social challenges. Globality’s platform connects businesses to a network of boutique sustainability firms, including Finch & Beak, that specialize in this area, are passionate about making an impact and offer the deep networks and experience to deliver on ambitious sustainability goals.

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