Jillian Lo Ning Hing

Jillian Lo Ning Hing
Publ. date 24 jan 2019

Ambitious young professional who believes in business for positive change. | jillian@finchandbeak.com

During my bachelor study in International Business, I was mostly interested in CSR. Later on, while studying Social Entrepreneurship, I learned a lot from the hands-on mentality of socially and environmentally conscious organizations.

After my studies, I joined the corporate world as a marketing consultant for different companies. I came to understand even more how changes made by organizations could have consequences on a large scale. Even though it is necessary to educate the great number of consumers on sustainable living, as a consultant it is possible to assist the companies that service them. That is why I aim to contribute to positive global action at Finch & Beak.

My background:

  • Bachelor in International Business and Management Studies
  • Master of Science in Social Entrepreneurship  
  • Fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish. Understanding of Danish and Catalan  

Colleagues would describe me as:
Patient, optimistic, disciplined, easy-going


Which book should everybody read:
Factfulness by Hans Rosling. This surprisingly uplifting look on the world today motivates the reader to support their negative or positive worldview with facts.

Best advice I ever got:
Always find ways to keep learning and developing yourself.

Something surprising about me:
Since I was 19 I lived abroad and have shared houses with people from all parts of the world and society.

What I do in my spare time:

  • Try different types of food/cuisines
  • Practice Flamenco dancing
  • Walk around in the mountains, parks and beaches
  • Discover new films and books  

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