Deborah Kuppens

Deborah Kuppens
Publ. date 20 aug 2019

Sustainability professional aiming to help organizations to improve their sustainability strategy and realize a sustainable transition.

During my Bachelor and Master I learned that we cannot ignore the issues we encounter now and will encounter in the future caused by unsustainable practices. On the bright side, I also learned there are many opportunities for a sustainable future. I think we all want to seize these opportunities, but we just don’t know where to start. My goal is to help organizations and people to seize these opportunities and create a sustainable future. 

My background:

  • Experience as consultant in sustainable business, strategic sourcing and change management
  • Traineeship management consulting
  • Master Sustainable Business and Innovation
  • Bachelor Future Planet Studies and major Ecology  

Colleagues would describe me as:
Positive, enthusiastic, analytical

What is your favorite dish?

Which book should everybody read:
Find your Why by Simon Sinek. This book helped me to realize the difference between fulfillment and happiness in my work and what I need to find fulfillment in my work. This book is also really helpful to help other people or teams find their why!

Best advice I ever got:
Never stop learning!

Something surprising about me:
I love Dutch music and food. I can eat Stamppot every day. 

What I do for fun:

  • Traveling
  • Having fun with my friends and family
  • Taking care of my plants and rabbits
  • CrossFit  

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