Case: Support for Social Housing in Suriname

Fighting housing shortage
Case: Support for Social Housing in Suriname
Publ. date 29 jan 2008
Finch & Beak carried out an investigation of the Caesarea corporation in cooperation with Vestia Interconsult and DIGH. This quick scan ensured that plans could be drawn up for the further professionalisation of the organisation.

The cooperative Sociale Woningbouw Vereniging Caesarea (social housing corporation Caesarea) has already been fighting the housing shortage from which Suriname suffers for more than ten years. Caesarea initiates building projects but also tries to bring about change at policy level. Together with Cordaid, DIGH and Vestia Interconsult, Finch & Beak supported the local management in building up the organisation, making it more professional and finalising the marketing plans.

The project “de Proeftuin” (the experimental garden) is already under way. This project is  carried out on a piece of land that Caesarea earlier acquired with an loan from DIGH. The project contains two multi-storey blocks, each of which contains 144 modules of 25m2 that can be linked in a variety of ways. A total of 144 dwellings are be constructed (72 per block), consisting of one-, two- and three-room versions.

Support was given by Cordaid, Fonds Werken aan Wonen and Tablis Wonen who helped Caesarea set up a construction management organisation. Thanks to their efforts a solid construction management organisation has been formed which is ready for further projects.


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