Electric toys for boys are changing the market

The road to sustainable mobility
Electric toys for boys are changing the market
Publ. date 14 jun 2011
There was a time that the A6, 5-series and E-class were shining on the reserved parking spot for the CEO. Is this still the case or not? In spite of some exceptions, many CEO’s find it hard to get rid of their expensive, fuel inefficient cars. However, corporate managers are more and more experiencing the benefits of electric transportation.

Professional Passionates are driving electric cars

The Professional Passionates foundation organizes an electric rally, where CEO’s from leading companies on sustainability can show off in their Tesla, the ultimate electric toy for the boy. Besides creating visibility by organizing an electric rally, electric transport is also promoted by the manifest ‘the road to sustainable mobility’.

As one of the founders and active member of ‘De Groene Zaak’, the lobby organization that strives to drive sustainability in the Netherlands, Finch & Beak co-developed the manifest. The manifest will be handed over to the Dutch government to discuss concrete actions based on the recommendations in the manifest. The ultimate goal is to stimulate sustainable mobility: electric transport is fun, quick, less expensive and has a cool image. The early adaptors are convincing others to switch to electric vehicles: this will lead to a tipping point where the mass will adopt electric vehicles. 


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