Interim Management


Customer Case: Long-Term Sustainability Program for Telenet

Telenet, Belgium's leading provider of broadband cable services, became a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the first time in 2011 and held the position as Industry Leader for the global Media sector seven times.

CSR Implementation and Interim Management

Designing a strategy for corporate responsibility is only the beginning. The real challenge lies in the integration of this strategy into the DNA of the organization. A successful strategy implementation depends on the enthusiasm and support within the organization. The business case must be clear, but employees also need to be able to be inspired and engaged by the strategy. That is why innovation, inspiration and creativity are focal points in our approach, in addition to a solid academic foundation.
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IMD’s Open Forum September 2009

The Forum for Corporate Sustainability Management (CSM) is the IMD applied research centre for Corporate Social Responsibility and a business partner of Finch & Beak. Their focus is on working with companies to embed social and environmental sustainability strategies in organizations.

IBM plans Dutch water research center

IBM plans to establish a water management research center in the Netherlands as part of its Big Green Innovations initiative. The research center will provide flood forecasting and prediction modeling work, as well as use IBM’s experience with smart sensors and serious gaming technology to build better modeling and simulation technologies.
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The Future Center opens in 2008

The Future Center of the Dutch Ministry of Water Management and Transportation is opening its doors at the beginning of January 2008, and Finch & Beak is helping to prepare the staff for the challenge they as a group will face as the back bone of the most innovative future center in Europe.
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Development of a Future Center

In February 2007 Finch & Beak started to work with the Dutch Ministry of Water Management and Transportation, helping them to develop a conceptual framework for a new Future Center set to open in January 2008.

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