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Summary of RobecoSAM’s webcast on DJSI 2017 results

On September 14th the first out of 5 webinars on the DJSI 2017 results was broadcasted by RobecoSAM. The webcast covered the general developments of the 2017 assessment, as well as some more details into highlighted criteria. General remarks covered the RobecoSAM’s developments in the analysis of companies’ responses. In the download section of this article, you can find our summary of the webcast.
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5 Top Tips to Accelerate Your DJSI Process

Many companies eager to be leading in the globally renowned sustainability benchmark - the Dow Jones Sustainability Index - start their internal engagement process directly after the 2017 results are released. Since last year many eligible companies that were not actively participating, have been assessed by RobecoSAM based on publicly available data only. And what's more: the relative scores will be published in the Bloomberg terminal by the end of September.

DJSI and CDP: Real Impact from Benchmarking

The demand from investors and institutions for ESG information increasingly puts pressure on companies. However, reporting activities often take up much time at the expense of creating real impact. As a European expert we see a lot of value in actively engaging in the leading ESG-benchmarks such as DJSI and CDP, but at the same time the struggle that companies have to leverage all the efforts they have put into filling out the (sometimes very demanding) questionnaires.

Dow Jones Sustainability Index Readiness Assessment

The summer months are an ideal time to reflect upon a busy start of the year and start planning ahead for 2018. When in full reporting mode, you may run out of time and come across issues in your Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) process that you are not able to deal with at that very moment. For those eager to plan ahead and looking to maximally benefit from your participation, we've developed a comprehensive Readiness Assessment for (future) participants of the DJSI.

Are You Already Talking the Walk of Your DJSI Results?

With the publication of Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) data in the Bloomberg terminal, companies can now better combine their perceived and actual sustainability performance, and compare it with their peers’ position. The outcome drives more efficient communication and helps sharpen the sustainability program; whether it is to accelerate actual performance on specific issues or to better to leverage sustainability leadership through alignment of communication.
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Methodology Changes for the 2017 Dow Jones Sustainability Index

On March 30th, RobecoSAM will open its annual Corporate Sustainability Assessment: the base for selecting the best-performing companies for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). More than 3,200 eligible companies have received an invitation to participate in the 2017 DJSI assessment.To prevent surprises, participating companies are advised to take note of the announced changes for this year’s methodology, before deep-diving into the questionnaire.
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RobecoSAM Yearbook 2017 Emphasizes Impact Valuation

The new RobecoSAM Sustainability Yearbook 2017 not just contains an overview of the results of the organization’s annual Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), highlighting leading companies and key trends for each analyzed industry. This year, the Yearbook also focuses on how RobecoSAM uses CSA data to integrate long-term value drivers in investment decisions, and how measuring the monetary value of environmental and social impact can contribute to that.

Start 2017 with Accelerating Your DJSI Approach

In 2016, increased transparency on ESG aspects towards investors has changed the ratings game and accelerated the business case for sustainability. Investor benchmarks such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) provide an excellent opportunity for external acknowledgment of your company’s efforts. RobecoSAM and Finch & Beak are excited to announce two dedicated trainings: one for experienced DJSI participants, and one for companies that are just joining the process.
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