Tuesday April 24, 2018

Sustainable Apparel Forum 2018

The last years have seen tremendous change within the apparel industry with new sustainable innovations gaining traction. With a greater emphasis on circularity, transparency and supply chain efficiencies coming from fashion and apparel brands, the next 12 months looks set to be another step-change year for the industry. Be part of this change by attending the Innovation Forum's conference on sustainability in the apparel industry on the 24th-25th April 2018, in Amsterdam.

Through focused and challenging discussions, this two-day conference will address the most pressing issues relevant to the apparel industry. It will equip participants with the best-practice and know-how relating to the biggest opportunities and challenges in transforming apparel supply chains.

The event will look at the following issues:

  • Circular economy in the apparel industry: How close is circularity to gaining real traction in the industry? Can fashion brands work together successfully to implement circular solutions at scale?
  • Supply chain transparency: What’s the best way for brands to collate, monitor and use supplier data in an age of transparency and disclosure?
  • Better factory engagement: How can brands and factories work together more effectively for improved performance, energy efficiencies, and cost-savings?

Speakers include:

  • Alfred Vernis, Sustainability Academic Director, Inditex
  • Anna Maria Rugarli, Senior Director, Sustainability & Responsibility, EMEA, VF Corporation
  • Andreas Streubig, Director Global Sustainability, Hugo Boss
  • Michael Beutler, Director of Sustainability Operations, Kering

Click here for more information about the program, speakers, event information, and registration.

Our consultant Camille Simm will be attending the event and is interested in hearing your story on sustainability in the apparel sector. Please feel free to contact Camille at camille@finchandbeak.com to make an appointment and meet each other in Amsterdam.

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