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Accelerate Innovation Accelerate Innovation
Publ. date 4 Apr 2018


The circular economy has an overwhelming potential of $4.5 trillion – but what does that mean for your company? Finch & Beak's Circular Economy Sprint is designed specifically for companies looking to unleash the massive potential of the circular economy by downsizing it to a tangible and specific action plan. As a self-liquidating project investment, after 7 weeks you know the most valuable CE business opportunities and how to achieve them. 

The benefits of the Circular Economy for your organization include:

  1. Get going in the Circular Economy: Make Circular Economy thinking part of doing business by jumpstarting your program today to deliver benefits tomorrow.

  2. Capture value from your existing business: Accelerate your sustainability program by locating attractive Circular Economy savings and start cashing in on them.

  3. Create new business opportunities: Develop new value propositions. Invest a small budget and produce tested business cases in just 7 weeks.

  4. Build a team of trained practitioners: Develop a thorough joint understanding of the Circular Economy as well as a common language.

Ready to develop circular economy business models?

The Circular Economy Sprint helps you to unleash the potential of the circular economy for your organization within just 7 weeks. Please contact Lars Gielen, Consultant, at or +31 6 28 02 18 80 to leverage your business opportunities from the circular economy.

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