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Jan van der Kaaij

Sustainability expert in strategy development, DJSI and sustainable innovation, with a hands-on approach and always committed to go for the max. | 

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Josée van der Hoek

Experienced strategic issues management specialist with expertise in strategy development, ESG benchmarking, ESG Equity Stories and food.

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Nikkie Vinke

Multidisciplinary advisor in ESG benchmarking, sustainability strategy development and execution. |

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Bas Nuijten

Sustainability professional aiming to help organizations to continuously improve their sustainability strategies.

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Nicolas de Toledo

8 years entrepreneurial experience in China and Europe fostering change within organizations. I am passionate about sustainability and education. Since 2021, I focus on integrating sustainability in company boards’ agendas.

Josephin BT Use.jpeg

Josephin Schulz

Ambitious professional aiming to make sustainability understandable and accessible for everyone. |

Claire BT.jpeg

Claire Carter

Sustainability professional aiming to help companies implement practical strategies yielding positive ESG results.

Andrea BT.jpeg

Andrea Marincola

Expert and passionate about ESG issues with the aim of helping companies on their path towards sustainability. |

Gijs BT.jpeg

Gijs-Jan Groeneveld

Senior Consultant with a practical approach on improving a company's ESG performance and moving its people to act. |


Valeria Calvas

Sustainability professional who wants to support companies and organizations to tackle ESG challenges, with the ambition to create a sustainable future. |

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