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2021 jan square web 2.jpeg

Jan van der Kaaij

Sustainability expert in strategy development, DJSI and sustainable innovation, with a hands-on approach and always committed to go for the max. | 

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Josée van der Hoek

Experienced strategic issues management specialist with expertise in strategy development, ESG benchmarking, ESG Equity Stories and food. |

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Nikkie Vinke

Multidisciplinary advisor in ESG benchmarking, sustainability strategy development and execution. |

2021 Bas - square.jpeg

Bas Nuijten

Sustainability professional aiming to help organizations to continuously improve their sustainability strategies. |

2021 Noemie - square.jpeg

Noémie Harari

Committed young professional looking forward to helping companies build a more sustainable future. |

2021 Josephin - square.jpeg

Josephin Schulz

Ambitious professional aiming to make sustainability understandable and accessible for everyone. |

2021 Romy - square.jpeg

Romy Zondervan

Sustainability professional that aims to inspire and wishes to be inspired. |

tomas 2021.jpeg

Tomás Flora da Silva

Young professional seeking to aid companies make a difference through sustainable approaches.

2021 Jonathan - square.jpeg

Jonathan Soto Moreno

Sustainability professional aiming to unlock companies’ sustainability potential. |

agathe 2021 square.jpeg

Agathe Letzelter

Young professional enthusiastic about helping businesses integrate and benefit from sustainability. |

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