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Thank you for visiting the Finch & Beak website. Finch & Beak is now part of SLR Consulting, a global organization that supports its clients on setting sustainability strategies and seeing them through to implementation.

This is an exciting time for us, as our team now includes an array of new colleagues who offer advisory and technical skills that are complementary to our own including Climate Resilience & Net Zero, Natural Capital & Biodiversity, Social & Community Impact, and Responsible Sourcing.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to check out the SLR website, so you can see the full potential of what we are now able to offer.

Below you can find the archived Finch & Beak website.

Stéphanie Finet

Senior Consultant
Stéphanie Finet
Publ. date 27 Sep 2023

Driven professional passionate about linking Sustainability key topics with business strategies to drive concrete actions and positive change. |

I have always been interested in Sustainability, and its intersectionality. Having lived in Southeast Asia for over two years, I witnessed the effects of pollution and climate change on the nature, and the people. We have the power to change that and create a positive impact.

As a professional, my goal is to support companies in their path to sustainability. At Finch & Beak, I aim to not only help partners in reducing the negative impacts, but also in seizing opportunities and create sustainable long-lasting value.

My background:

  • Business Development Manager at allcolibri, a tech for good startup
  • Account and Project Manager at RecyGlo, an innovative Waste and AgriTech startup
  • Quality and Customer Associate at Easia Travel Myanmar
  • Master’s degree in international Strategy and Negotiation (ESSCA)

Colleagues would describe me as:
Cheerful, polyvalent, curious, and supportive Which book should everybody read: Candide, ou l’Optimisme. An ancient, yet still accurate philosophical satire about discovering the world, going through challenges, realizing the flaws of systems and nations, and how important it is to “cultivate our garden”.

Best advice I ever got:
“Stop and breathe”. A simple, yet powerful advice that works for literally everything. In a positive moment, appreciate, take it all in and reflect. For something negative, it will help you gather your thoughts, calm down, and get grounded again.

Something surprising about me:
I have a blue belt in judo, level I reached in primary school before stopping my -very- short judoka career.

What I do for fun:
I go outside, whether it is to:

  • Play beach-volley
  • Go hiking and trekking
  • Listen to live music and dance
  • Discover new places around Barcelona

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