RAPIDO: More tangible results from your sustainability strategy

Improved sustainability performance through focus on the issues that matter
RAPIDO: More tangible results from your sustainability strategy
Publ. date 25 Apr 2018
The avalanche of reporting requirements, benchmarks and ratings calls for more focused and aligned disclosures, and smarter lean reporting solutions. In order to progress towards sustainability leadership, Finch & Beak believes the focus has to be on turning strategy into action. This is why RAPIDO was born: an integrated service platform for strategy development that promotes lean reporting and leaves time and budget available for transformative change and impact.

Within RAPIDO, Finch & Beak offers concise services with a short time-to-value that are practical and actionable. It results in a more focused approach towards ESG reporting and benchmarking by:

  1. focusing on the issues that matter most,
  2. by choosing the right benchmarks, and
  3. through efficient ways of reporting.

R: Re-Fresh Materiality Assessment

Finch & Beak’s Re-Fresh Materiality Assessment guarantees an annual update of your materiality matrix within 4 weeks by using big data from Bloomberg, CDP, among others. By using existing big data tools, expensive surveys become dispensable and the required capacity from internal teams is limited. The result is a new materiality matrix including process documentation and an action plan outlining the next steps to accelerate.

A: Agile Benchmark Report

The Agile Benchmark Report is an actionable working document that helps companies understand their current strengths and weaknesses in Dow Jones Sustainability Index performance, and assists topic owners by identifying concrete improvement areas and how to tackle them. It includes three key elements for each chapter in the DJSI questionnaire: trends & developments, rationale & requirements, and concrete improvement areas.

P: Peer Analysis

The Peer analysis is conducted on the basis of top peers that have been selected by the client. The objective is to determine the company’s position in comparison with those peers and determine areas for improvement. The three key elements of the Peer Analysis are strategy assessment, strategic overview of top peers, and a DJSI competitor analysis using Bloomberg data.

IDO: In-house Development Options

Within the RAPIDO service platform, Finch & Beak provides In-house Development Options including consulting, training and workshops. These are fully tailored to the client’s specific needs and internal capacity. Examples include:

  • Team Acceleration Training: Focusing on the implementation of sustainability results from DJSI using ChangePro©, a simulation tool that challenges groups of participants to efficiently and effectively implement a sustainability program.
  • Topical Deep-Dive Workshop: In-depth specialist sessions that drill down on improving short- and long-term performance in specific areas, such as Human Resources or Impact Measurement and Valuation.
  • Interim project management: Full take-over of the assessment process including data collection, preparing answers and alignment with internal stakeholders for sign-off.

Ready to make your sustainability program more RAPIDO?

If reporting and benchmarking is increasingly restraining your calendar, we can help you create more focus and get more value out of your efforts. Please contact us at hello@finchandbeak.com or +34 627 788 170 to find out how Finch & Beak can help you make more impact with less effort.

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