Re-Fresh Materiality Assessment: Lean, Compliant, and Driving Value & Impact

Double & forward-looking materiality aligned with leading ESG frameworks
Re-Fresh Materiality Assessment: Lean, Compliant, and Driving Value & Impact
Publ. date 15 Mar 2018
Finch & Beak's approach to materiality matches the key requirements according to frameworks like the GRI Standards and CSRD, and most importantly: it is geared towards action. Not just for reporting purposes, but providing base materials for both internal and external engagement and advancing your company’s sustainability strategy. Industry-specific emerging issues are incorporated, and the process engages the most important stakeholder groups in your organization while connecting to business strategy and enterprise risk management. The turn-key, independent execution of the project is always adapted to the specific needs to the client, and asks for limited internal resources for facilitation and feedback.

The benefits of the Re-Fresh Materiality Assessment for your organization include:

  1. Framework savvy. Materiality assessment is fully aligned with reporting frameworks of GRI, SASB, TCFD, and CSRD, including the concept of double materiality
  2. Integrating materiality challenges. Combining insights in material issues, SDGs and benchmark performance in industry context
  3. Avoiding the reporting trap. Aligning your materiality matrix to company-specific business connectors (e.g. existing strategy and roadmaps) and your Enterprise Risk Management
  4. Fully online operational. All working formats have been developed to be fully online available, enabling people from different locations and time-zones to participate in the workshops and interviews
  5. Activating your materiality matrix. Setting SMART targets, develop KPIs and define flagship programs to drive value creation and impact

Are you ready to update your company’s materiality matrix?

If you're looking for a materiality assessment that is resource-efficient and focuses on impact through activation, contact Josée van der Hoek, Director, at or +31 6 28 02 18 80 to hear how Finch & Beak can help you meet your needs.

Simon Gobert, Sustainability Performance and Reporting Manager at DSM:

 “Finch & Beak has brought on board an innovative big data approach for updating our materiality matrix. The Re-Fresh Materiality Assessment was characterized by a high reach and much less internal effort in comparison with our previous, internal updates. Finch & Beak delivered within the 4 week timeframe due to a very well structured process. As a long-standing customer of Finch & Beak we were again very pleased with the agile way of working and the high quality of the final output”.

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Simon Gobert

DSM | Sustainability Performance and Reporting Manager

About Josée van der Hoek

Experienced strategic issues management specialist with expertise in strategy development, ESG benchmarking, ESG Equity Stories and food.

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