Sustainability Strategy

Winning sustainability strategies are characterized by clear choices on where to focus (direction) and a persistent, rapid execution (speed). At Finch & Beak we support companies by designing and implementing sustainability strategies that are directly connected to the company’s must-win-battles. We immediately make them actionable through the development of roadmaps, communications and well-prioritized actions.


Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2010: AkzoNobel and Philips not the green leaders

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) indicates for many years now the governance, environmental and social performance of multinationals listed on the Dow Jones. This makes the DJSI the benchmark for sustainable development at large companies. The index is a ‘best in class rating’ that creates a sense of urgency to focus on sustainability and stimulates a competitive environment.

2010: International Year of Biodiversity!

There are approximately 4 million life species known on our planet and the total amount is an estimated 40 million species. This enormous diversity in life is under pressure due to several factors. Through the influence of us humans are at this moment a large number of species on the verge of extinction. The UN therefore proclaimed the year 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity.

Eureka! Green Innovation According to Archimedes

One of the earliest attempts to open innovation and “crowdsourcing” is, without any doubt, by Archimedes when he asked his audience: “Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I will move the world!” Unfortunately he did not manage to find the proper lever but his design principles were valid nonetheless. And he tried to move the world without putting a licensing structure on his idea in advance; something that is more and more often successfully applied in the field of open innovation. Partly as a result of this, new innovative companies can emerge and virtual monopolies can be broken as Microsoft has already experienced.

Sports as a success factor for social innovation

During the FIFA World Cup in South Africa we have seen that sports can serve as an important tool to integrate different cultures. But there are more positive side effects of sports. During the World Cup there were many initiatives in the media about soccer in the townships.
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Energy saving as a catalyst for customer satisfaction

Data from Aedes shows that the social housing sector of the Netherlands has invested 222 million euro in energy saving measures in 2008. Within the sector the realization is growing that energy saving measures in itself, such as double glass and efficient central heating is insufficient. The tenants need to join! But how to achieve that?
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Building the business case for sustainability

How do you ensure that your sustainability strategy actually is implemented at all levels in the organization? The core is in motivating and involving managers and employees with a core message which aligns with their targets and reality. Concurrently this often happens from the passion of the GreenTeam which communicates too much from their own world. It is key also to fulfill the financial wishes of the organization. David Bent of Forum for the Future recently published a shortlist with seven steps to support the business case for sustainability, rooted in his experiences at British Telecom.

Real-time reviews

In food retailing the labeling of CO2 impact on product level is emerging. Increasingly retailers are following the example of frontrunners such as Tesco to indicate the footprint per product on the packaging. For fashion retailing and related industries it is to be expected that the same level of transparency will be required within the coming years.
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Get lean, get smart, and emerge from the downturn on top

Value creation out of sustainability takes place in four dimensions, which are issue management, reputation management,innovation and eco-efficiency. Because of the current economic conditions there is an increasing interest for the gains to be made through eco-efficiency. The recently released book Green Recovery can serve as a guide in this journey.
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Xerox: Sustainable innovation leads to new market potential

Paul-Peter Feld, former Director HR & Organisation gave a presentation during the KLM Open on how sustainable innovation carries the potential to open up new markets.
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Crisis puts reputations under pressure

The McKinsey Quarterly edition of June 2009 carries the article “Rebuilding corporate reputations” which again underlines the value of effective stakeholder management. The top 3 priorities they indicate when dealing with stakeholder management are:
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