Tuesday June 13, 2017

Sustainable Apparel Forum in Amsterdam

Today’s apparel industry has been moulded by the fast fashion model, creating an industry worth $3 trillion, with mass demand for clothes where an item of clothing is worn an average of just seven times. During the Sustainable Apparel Forum in Amsterdam, participants will debate the biggest business opportunities for the apparel sector in developing more sustainable supply chains. The event will also tackle the major social and environmental risks associated with apparel production, whilst taking a look at the latest innovations throughout the supply chain.

Diving deep into the entire textile cycle, from raw materials to manufacturing to finished products to reuse and recycling, the Forum will focus on the role of business in building scalable and effective change.

Some of the core themes covered include:

  • Fashion footprints – get to grips with the social and environmental challenges that affect your business, and the initial steps in tackling them
  • Supplier mapping – discover the emerging technologies that can improve transparency and help you trace, track and monitor your performance
  • Circularity and design – how closing the loop can be an opportunity for your brand to profit whilst improving operations
  • Opportunities and innovation – get ahead of the game by knowing which innovations in production are fleeting, and which are set to go mainstream

Click here to learn more about the program and speakers, and how to register for the conference.

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