Thursday March 22, 2018

Launch of the World Ports Sustainability Program

The newly created World Ports Sustainability Program (WPSP) will be launched on March 22 and 23, 2018 in the Port of Antwerp, Belgium. Ports are critical points in the global supply chain and play a crucial role in working to improve the sustainable performance of the supply chain on a local as well as on the global scale. The WPSP will bring together the international ports community in order to contribute to a sustainable future.

At the invitation-only launch event there will be panel discussions, interactive workshops and thought-provoking contributions by leading industry figures and policy makers such as: 

  • Christina Figueres, Former Executive Secretary of the United Nations 
  • Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO Antwerp Port Authority 
  • Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, President of the World Maritime University in Malmö, Sweden
  • Santiago G. Milà, Deputy General Manager Barcelona Port Authority 

The WPSP is initiated by the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) and developed in cooperation with regional and international port-related organizations. The program aims to demonstrate global leadership of ports in shaping a truly sustainable supply chain for the future and assist ports worldwide in creating sustainable added value for the communities and wider regions in which they are embedded.

WPSP is also the think tank where innovative ideas and philosophies on sustainable ports including economic factors influencing sustainability, are translated into practical ways and methods of port design, management, and operations.

With WPSP, global ports aim to enhance and coordinate future sustainability efforts around five essential themes: future-proof infrastructure, climate and energy, societal integration of ports, safety and security as well as governance and ethics.

Image source: Kabacchi, Flickr

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