Four More Double Materiality Roundtable Sessions in June

Answering your most pressing questions
We're excited to announce the addition of four more Double Materiality Roundtable sessions! Given the overwhelming interest in Double Materiality and CSRD, we will host four more 40-minute Q&A sessions with Bas mid-June. You can send us your questions in advance when registering. Looking forward to welcoming you there and supporting you on your Double Materiality Journey.

Following the previous roundtables, we have collated the key points from our 4 sessions, together with any remaining unanswered questions and answered them in our Q&A here.

As with our previous sessions, these additional roundtables will be focusing on practical examples and tools in the realm of ESG. Guided by Bas Nuijten, Director of Consulting at Finch & Beak, we'll maintain an interactive and engaging format, where questions drive the conversation in small groups of participants. Each session will start with a selection of pre-submitted questions, opening to free-flowing Q&A after 10-15 minutes for open exchanges.

Reserve your spot

The sessions will accommodate between 12 to 16 participants and take up to 40 minutes. This personal format encourages attendees to freely ask their most pressing questions and contribute to the conversation. Spots are limited, so we encourage you to secure your seat in one of our additional timeslots:

As with our previous slots, please only sign up if you can commit to participating. We understand plans change, so if you need to cancel, we kindly ask that you let us know as soon as possible. 

We look forward to your participation and furthering our collective understanding of Double Materiality and CSRD. Together, let's keep the momentum going!

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