Join Finch & Beak's ESG Roundtables this November!

Answering your most pressing questions on the CSA and Double Materiality
Ready to dive deep into the realm of ESG? Join us for our Double Materiality Roundtable or our CSA Roundtable, crafted to enhance your understanding in these two key areas.


1. CSA Interactive Roundtable

Date: Thursday, November 2nd at 15:00 CET

Discover the results for the Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) as they roll out. With Claire Carter, Team Lead at Finch & Beak, get ready to:

  • Understand overall takeaways on CSA this year.
  • Analyze the first few rounds of scoring.
  • Strategize for CSA 2024.
  • Engage in an enlightening Q&A session.

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2. Double Materiality Continuation Sessions

Date: Thursday, November 9th at 14:00 CET

Continue the journey of Double Materiality with Bas Nuijten, Director of Consulting at Finch & Beak.

  • Focus on practical ESG examples and tools.
  • Engaging format driven by your queries.
  • An open forum for free-flowing Q&A.

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Both roundtables offer a personal format that encourages attendees to actively engage and ask their pressing questions. Limited to small groups of participants and spanning approximately 40 minutes, we're thrilled to be part of your ESG journey and can't wait to see you online! 

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