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Thank you for visiting the Finch & Beak website. Finch & Beak is now part of SLR Consulting, a global organization that supports its clients on setting sustainability strategies and seeing them through to implementation.

This is an exciting time for us, as our team now includes an array of new colleagues who offer advisory and technical skills that are complementary to our own including Climate Resilience & Net Zero, Natural Capital & Biodiversity, Social & Community Impact, and Responsible Sourcing.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to check out the SLR website, so you can see the full potential of what we are now able to offer.

Below you can find the archived Finch & Beak website.

Insights from SLR's Actions for Business Report 2024

Shaping the 2024 responsible and sustainable business agenda
Insights from SLR's Actions for Business Report 2024
Publ. date 31 Jan 2024
As part of SLR Consulting, we're excited to share the 2024 Actions for Business Report, where we explore the topics we believe will shape the responsible and sustainable business agenda in 2024.

The past year’s events have highlighted the challenges businesses face in navigating constantly changing political, societal, economic and regulatory landscapes. This theme will carry forward into 2024, which is set to be a record year for elections worldwide, bringing with it the propensity to increase volatility across all facets of ESG.

In addition, reporting, disclosure and regulations are becoming ever more mandatory, meaning that building resilience to macro and micro factors becomes as important as sustainable business growth. Alongside this, companies will need to consider how to responsibly share resulting wealth more widely and proportionately – all the while guided by their purpose.

You can download the full report at the top of the page. The 10 actions include:

  1. Mitigating business risks
  2. Digitalisation
  3. Transition planning
  4. Greenwashing
  5. From reporting burden to strategic benefit
  6. The human rights evolution
  7. Reconciling circularity
  8. Navigating a new era of ESG regulation
  9. The DE&I generation game
  10. Adapting to nature and biodiversity

How businesses respond significantly impacts people, not just the climate, thus sustainability strategies should always incorporate how their plans can either reduce the negative impacts or contribute positively to people’s lives. The role of purpose therefore comes full circle. A clear, meaningful purpose will help businesses navigate these demands by articulating the positive difference they are making, operating alongside the values, behaviours and transparency expected by stakeholders.

SLR’s purpose is Making Sustainability Happen, and we’re committed to partnering with our clients to help solve evolving and often complex global sustainability challenges. The diverse topics we’ve highlighted present opportunities and recommendations for business to progressively move the sustainability dial for the year ahead.

This report brings in voices from SLR’s Strategic Advisory colleagues across our global regions and from acquired brands including Carnstone, IBIS, RCS Global and Finch & Beak.

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