Van Gansewinkel Group Adopts Cradle to Cradle

Business model innovation by using waste as key resource
Van Gansewinkel Group Adopts Cradle to Cradle
Publ. date 2 Jun 2008
Van Gansewinkel group has decided to join forces with the German EPEA from Michael Braungart, co-author of the book Cradle to Cradle. The purpose of the agreement is to spread the Cradle to Cradle principle in the Benelux, to use each other’s specific knowledge and to share this with third parties. The core of Cradle to Cradle lies in the concept ‘Waste = food’: all used materials should after their lives in one product become useful in another product. In the vision of Braungart materials should not contain ingredient that harm either the health of people or the environment.

Ruud Sondag, board president at Van Gansewinkel Group at the time, commented: “Through this cooperation we will be able to advice our customers on the composition of their products with regard to the question how these components can function as nutrients for other products in a later stage. As a waste- and environmental concern we continuously strive to give waste a destination as high as possible. Instead of recycling and often downcycling, waste products will more often become nutrients for new products.”

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