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RepTrak Belgium 2013: Importance of Sustainability for Corporate Reputation

Perception of citizenship, governance and workplace determines over half of reputation
RepTrak Belgium 2013: Importance of Sustainability for Corporate Reputation
Publ. date 23 Apr 2013
A strong corporate reputation is one of the most wanted assets for corporations. Easier attraction of investors and employees and legitimacy for premium pricing are only a few of its benefits. Increasingly, sustainability is part of the road towards that highly sought after strong reputation, according to data from the Reputation Institute, thought leader in the field of corporate reputations.

Global RepTrak 100: BMW has best worldwide reputation

Early April, the Reputation Institute presented the results of 2013-edition of the Global RepTrak 100. The benchmark investigates the reputations of the 100 most highly regarded companies among over 55,000 consumers is 15 countries. As in 2012, BMW was awarded ‘most reputable company’, while the top 3 was completed by The Walt Disney Company and Rolex. Surprising newcomer in the top 10 is Nestlé, which after widespread criticism in the past years is now coming back by integrating reputation management into the business.

Colruyt still has best Belgian reputation

In addition to a global index, benchmarking national corporate reputation is done in 33 countries. Last Monday, akkanto, representative of RepTrak in Belgium, presented the Belgian results in Brussels. Supermarket chain Colruyt once again was able to call its reputation the best in the country, with a RepTrak Pulse of 83.5, followed by Tiense Suikerraffinaderij (76.3) and Lotus Bakeries (76.1). Low consumer trust caused a plunge in scores in 2012, yet in 2013 an average increase of 4.1 points was registered.

In addition to the reputation awards in general, akkanto also published the Responsibility Index 2013: a ranking of the most responsible businesses. Colruyt also topped this list. The Belgians define a responsible company as one that cares about its employees, its customers and the environment, but is also transparent and ethical while providing good value for money.

(Source: Reputation Institute)

Importance of sustainability for corporate reputation

The corporate reputation is the sum of seven reputation drivers (see image above), of which the drivers citizenship, governance and workplace are most directly linkable to CSR. Combined with the attributes ‘Good Value for Money’, ‘Stands behind its products’ en ‘Meets customer needs’, these drivers determine 55% of the overall reputation of companies in Belgium.

Best reputations in the Netherlands: FrieslandCampina most sustainable

Also published are the Dutch 2013 RepTrak results: our client FrieslandCampina has the most sustainable reputation. The strongest overall reputation is still held by Philips, with FrieslandCampina and Heineken finishing second and third, respectively. A notable conclusion is the difficulty Dutch companies seem to have in contending with international competitors, even in their home market.

Partnership Finch & Beak and akkanto

Aligned with the growing importance between sustainability and reputation, Finch & Beak and akkanto launch their partnership in April 2013. Together, Finch & Beak and akkanto propose an integrated range of services ranging from benchmarking to sustainability communication, CSR-implementation and reputation management.

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