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How Tripadvisor Could Drive Sustainable Tourism

Online rating by consumers is booming business - as it does wonders with increasing trust. Increasingly, consumers are interested to learn about the sustainability profile of hotels, restaurants, wineries and others. Since 2017 is the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, how can raters drive sustainability within their respective industries?
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Sustainable golf in Portugal

Although sustainability on the Iberian Peninsula is still not widely embraced, the Senior Open de Portugal at the Belas Clube de Campo showcased many sustainable innovations. From the 29th of September until the 1st of October, the Belas Clube de Campo was the international platform for a sustainable golf event. A recycling program, water management, sustainability in the entire supply chain and strong local community involvement were strong proof points for the first sustainable golf event in Portugal and Spain.

Sustainable Golf Tourism: Magic in Marrakech

Marrakech, the Moroccan Imperial city, is strategically located close to the Atlas mountains. In the early days, the city was the gateway to the Sahara desert and over the years, Marrakech developed into a unique touristic destination. An interesting destination also for golf tourism, showing the many golf courses around Marrakech. With 24,000ha, high summer temperatures, a total population of 950,000 people and nineteen courses, water is a valuable asset.

Considering a sustainable ski holiday this year?

Les Trois Vallées, an enormous ski area in France that stretches from Val Thorens to Les Menuires and Courchevel. With over 600 kilometers of ski slopes, 180 ski lifts and an altitude ranging in between the 1800 and 3230 meters, the mountain area is popular all over the world. However, when the snow melts in the spring, what is left behind is a huge amount of waste. Last year, more than 6000 volunteers collected 65 tonnes of waste from the different ski areas.

About green golf balls and drinking beer out of bioplastic cups

Events need to focus more and more on the aspect of sustainability in order to hold their position in the market. However, the main question is: What makes an event sustainable? Offering fair trade coffee and compensating carbon emissions is not sufficient.
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KLM Open Again the Most Sustainable Golf Event on the Tour

On September 18, 2012, international CSR consultancy Finch & Beak revealed the results of the second Sustainable Golf Index, a benchmark measuring the perceived sustainability of professional golf tournaments. The Netherlands’ KLM Open, an official tournament on the PGA European Tour, is ranked as the most sustainable golf event on the tour after a close finish with the Belas Clube de Campo Senior Open de Portugal.

London 2012: Floating Venues or White Elephants?

Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London: hosting cities for the Olympic Summer Games in the last 20 years. The largest sporting event in the world is still growing (from 285 athletes in 1896 to 11.028 in Beijing 2008) with a significant impact on the hosting countries. Governments are navigating between economic growth on the one hand and a minimal environmental impact on the other hand. Bearing this in mind, is it still possible to organize mega-events such as the Olympics in a sustainable way?

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