SDG 5: Gender equality

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The power of diversity in the board room

The wonderful circular chapel of Temple Church is sited in the City of London, between Fleet Street and the River Thames. Built by the Knights Templar in 1185 as their English headquarters, it also featured as the first safety-deposit bank in London. To prevent moving large sums of money around, pilgrims destined for the holy land could leave their cash at Temple Church and withdraw it upon arrival in Jerusalem. Instead of carrying cash, the pilgrims would carry a letter of credit. Due to the strong governance of the Knights Templar, pilgrims placed great faith in these bearded warrior monks. How does the path of the pilgrim influence today's ESG performance of banks and what is the relevance of diversity?

DJSI: Are You Using the Ruggie Yet?

Harvard professor John Ruggie is widely recognized as one of the most influential political scientists of these times. Being the representative for Business and Human Rights at the United Nations, Ruggie developed The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, better known as the Ruggie framework.

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