Monday February 17, 2014

Value for Business & Society is shared value

Value2 book presentation in Brussels
In Value², Sabine Denis (Change Executive Officer at Business & Society Belgium) describes the concept of shared value in detail and makes the link between economic activity and sustainable well being in society.

The official book presentation takes place on Monday the 17th of February, 2014 in Brussels, Belgium.

Since the beginning of time, entrepreneurs solve society's problems and contribute to social and economic progress. Even more than in the past, successful enterprises will have to be able to prove that they can generate profits due to a positive impact on society. That their products and services contribute to wealth and prosperity, and sustainable well being. That is the essence of Value², or Shared Value. This concept is described in detail in the book and illustrated using testimonials of business leaders and case stories.

The book presentation was kicked off with testimonials by Thomas Leysen, Bernard Deryckere, Martine Reynaers,  Jan van den Nieuwenhuijzen, Jacques Vandermeiren, and others.

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