Monday November 2, 2015

INSEAD Singapore presents 'Leading the Business of Sustainability'

Co-hosted by INSEAD and Unilever
As a result of the partnership between INSEAD and Unilever, INSEAD Singapore organizes from 2 to 6 November the 'Leading the Business of Sustainability' programme. The 5-day course will show you how to make the case for change in your company’s sustainability approach, demonstrating best practices for engaging with stakeholders, changing mindsets, and how sustainability becomes a profitable part of your organization.


Embedding sustainability into the business

In cooperation with Unilever, INSEAD has designed and developed an exceptional programme for redefining sustainability from a constraint into an opportunity. As many organizations have not yet accepted sustainability as a key driver for new business opportunities. They rather perceive sustainability from the accountants' lens: use sustainability as a risk-mitigation tool. Luckily, innovative organizations such as Unilever, already have integrated long-term sustainability programmes into their main business strategy. 

During the residential program at Unilever's Four Acres campus in Singapore, you will learn how to design innovative products and business models that make sustainability a profitable part of your business. ‘Leading the Business of Sustainability’ illustrates the business value and clear financial gains, associated with a new, forward-thinking approach to the issue of sustainability. While value and success are still largely determined by financial performance, a growing number of stakeholders demands that strong returns are achieved with integrity and in ways that create environmental and social value. In this context, sustainability should be aligned with core business objectives in order to maximize positive societal and business impact. 

Programme Content

Divided in 4 building blocks, the following themes will be addressed: 

  1. Strategy and Innovation: Identifying strategic opportunities and steering your innovation efforts towards new products, services or business models that leverage present and future sustainability challenges for your customers.
  2. Stakeholder engagement: Ensuring internal and external engagement with key stakeholders (employees, communities, financial markets) in a more inclusive and effective way.
  3. Leadership and change: Deploying a growth-attitude toward sustainability within the entire company, and developing a company culture that fosters innovation and growth.
  4. Measurement and reporting: Reporting on sustainability as a means to improve your sustainability program, and communicate with stakeholders and the outside world.

Key note guests from all over the world are contributing to the 5 days in Singapore by challening and upgrading your practical knowledge and skills in the fields of strategy and sustainability. Next to Jayant Bhuvaraghan (Chief Corporate Mission Officer and Member of the Executive Committee at Essilor), David Kiu (VP Communications at Unilever), and Dr. Sally Uren (CEO at Forum of the Future), Jan van der Kaaij (Managing Partner) is one of the guest speakers too in Singapore, since Finch & Beak has co-developed the programme design. 

Key benefits of the program

  • Improve your understanding of key economical, environmental and social changes impacting today’s and tomorrow’s global business world;
  • Learn to look at these changes as an opportunity for your business, which can guide strategic decisions and your innovation efforts;
  • Return to your company with an action plan looking at the business and the organizational sides;
  • Connect and create a network with a peer group of senior executives facing some of the same challenges as you and your organization.


The program is designed for senior executives, such as general managers, heads of divisions and profit centre managers. A limited number of seats will be available for regulators, NGO professionals, investors and other key stakeholders. To increase the potential impact of the programme on your company’s activities, you are encouraged to apply and attend the course along with colleagues from your organization. Individual applications are also welcome. In addition to the residential module, several pre-residential modules will be offered to ensure that participants all come to the programme with a common set of basic knowledge. Participants also have the opportunity to continue to exchange on progress and challenges after the residential module.

INSEAD – The Business School for the World

From 18 years of experience in sustainability and case-writing, Finch & Beak has contributed to the development of the ‘Leading the Business of Sustainability’ programme, in collaboration with INSEAD’s Program Director, Professor Jean-François Manzoni.

INSEAD is one of the world’s leading business schools with campuses in Europe (France), Asia (Singapore), and Abu Dhabi. Internationally INSEAD offers MBA, Executive MBA, specialized Master Degrees, PhD programmes and Executive Education Programmes each year. Around the world and over decades, INSEAD continues to conduct cutting edge research and tries to innovate across all their programmes to provide business leaders with the knowledge and sensitivity to operate anywhere.

Download the programme brochure 

For more information on INSEAD, Unilever and the ‘Leading the Business of Sustainability’ programme, dates and fees, download the brochure (PDF) at the left bottom section of this page or if you want to sign up for the programme, have a look at INSEAD's website to register. 

Photo by: Kevin Utting 

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