Customer Case: Inspiring Youngsters at Sekisui

Inspiring youngsters to drive sustainable change
Customer Case: Inspiring Youngsters at Sekisui
Publ. date 5 Feb 2016
The Japanese Sekisui Chemical Group is one of the leading global chemical companies developing the frontiers of Creation of Housing & Social Infrastructure and Chemical Solutions.


Sekisui Chemical Company, the Japanese manufacturer of high quality polyolefin foams and other materials, is very active in the field of sustainability demonstrated by its long-term inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. When Sekisui celebrated its 60-year anniversary, it organized the first Global Children’s Eco Summit in Japan with children from all over the world. The following year, regional summits in Europe, America and Asia were organized. The challenge was to inspire the young participants in a fun and cool way to rethink their everyday life and become change agents for a sustainable future. We were asked to develop an European event concept and execute the program. 


We designed and executed the full program branded “Eco Heroes” theme for the first European Children’s Eco Summit. Circular economy thinking challenged creativity and knowledge on sustainability, and brought inspiration to practice “reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink” into action. Participants aged between 10 and 18 from France, Germany, UK, Switzerland and the Netherlands developed a new outlook on sustainability. The program based on edutainment principles such as building of a TV studio out of Sekisui waste material, writing and performing a rap, and a GPS expedition. The program was rated with 8.9 by participants and is now a recurring event.

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