Thursday November 17, 2016

Masterclass Circular Economy and Food Waste

On 17 November 2016, Finch & Beak & PRé Sustainability team up to host a Masterclass aimed at discovering how to transform the circular economy into a mainstream practice for sustainable innovation.


Following our successful Masterclass about the Circular Economy and Life Cycle Assessments earlier this year, we are very pleased to invite you to our exclusive event in “De Verspillingsfabriek” (The Waste Factory). De Verspillingsfabriek is part of 360, the Circular Economy Innovation Centre, where food waste streams are turned into tasty branded products, providing a great show case of how the Circular Economy can add value.

In our program Circular Economy Opportunity Starter we will address how to transform circular economy (CE) thinking into mainstream practices for sustainable innovation, beyond food. Making sure that implementing CE will actually reduce the negative sustainability effects as well as increase positive business impact. The program also pays attention to the impact on the business model of different industries represented by the partcipants. How can you make a solid business case for sustainability in relation to a Circular economy? What is the link between a circular business model and innovation? How can LCA help to identify the strategic innovation opportunities a circular business model bring for your company? These questions and many more will be discussed during the event which includes a live case working group session.

The Masterclass will be hosted Josée van der Hoek, Finch & Beak and Eric Mieras, PRé Sustainability. To complete the line-up, Bob Hutten CEO of Hutten Catering and initiator of both 360 and the “Verspillingsfabriek” will share his experience. Following the closing of the lunch you’re invited to a tour behind the scenes of De Verspillingsfabriek, for those who are interested.


10:30 Welcome and introduction
11:00 Story of founding the Circular Economy Innovation Centre by Bob Hutten, 360 / De Verspillingsfabriek
11:30 CE Business Model Innovation by Josée van der Hoek, Finch & Beak
11:50  Circular Economy and LCA by Eric Mieras, PRé Consultants
12:10 Live case group work enjoying lunch
12:40 Sharing outcomes & experiences, discussion
13:00 Wrap-up and closure
13.30 Tour behind the scenes of De Verspillingsfabriek

Exclusively for Invitees

The Circular Economy Opportunity Starter is a unique event with limited seats available: participation is free, and is only attended by corporations and key opinion formers – there are strictly no consultants and vendors. A seat is guaranteed when receiving our confirmation. If you are interested in joining the event in De Verspillingsfabriek or if you have any further questions, please contact please contact us at for more information.

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