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Publ. date 7 Dec 2018

Chapter 4: Focusing on Materialities That Matter
Miguel Torres: Ensuring the Family Legacies (IMD, 2010)

Chapter 5: Sustainable Development Goals
Umicore’s Transformation and the Monetizing of Sustainability (IMD, 2016)

Chapter 6: ESG Rating and the Stock Markets
Darwinians at the Gate: Sustainability, Innovation and Growth at DSM (IMD, 2013)

Chapter 7: Investors’ Perspectives on Sustainability
Tumi and the Doughty Hanson Value Enhancement Group (VEG) (IMD, 2012)

Chapter 8: Encouraging a Culture of Sustainability (Related case)
Jebsen & Jessen Family Enterprise: A Hong from the Cold (IMD, 2016)

Chapter 10: Toward a Circular Economy
Renault Trucks: Remanufacturing as a Strategic Activity (IMD, 2004)
The Happy Shrimp Farm: Social Responsibility & Multiple Stakeholders (IMD, 2007)
Coco-Mat: The Spartan Mattress Revolution (IMD, 2017)

Chapter 11: Capturing the Sustainability Premium
Coronilla: Pivoting with a Social Purpose (IMD, 2017)

Chapter 12: Stellar Performance from Sustainability Team
Atera NYC (A): Turbulent Times in the Kitchen  (IMD, 2016)
Atera NYC (B): Food War Declared (IMD, 2016)
Atera NYC (C): New Leadership in the Cuisine (IMD, 2016)
Atera NYC (A), (B) & (C) (IMD, 2016)

Chapter 13: Embedding Sustainability into the Business Core
Unilever Production Cluster in Tula: Zero Non-Hazardous Waste to Landfill in Ten Months (Case A + Case B) (Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, 2017)

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