Thursday October 3, 2019

Innovation Summit 2019: London

This year's Innovation Summit takes place at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London and focuses on the role of culture in innovation. Business leaders, policymakers, academics, corporate entrepreneurs, innovation directors and business development executives come together to discuss and share insights on integrating innovation in the day-to-day work life.

Rapidly innovating companies must learn to adapt to new technologies and strategies whilst maintaining a powerful company culture. During the Innovation Summit 2019, there will be room for networking, engaging in panel discussions, and attending presentations of several guest speakers. Topics highlighted in the event program:

  • Geopolitics: How business mindsets and strategy must evolve to keep pace with a changing world
  • Adopting, and adapting to, the right technologies
  • Tech check-up: AI, AR, digital-twin technology—a long-term perspective
  • Leadership and change: A CEO’s perspective
  • Debate: Do anti-competitive practices spell the end of the technology startup era?

Distinguished speakers include:

  • Anna Marss, President Global Commercial Services, American Express
  • Ed McLaughlin, President, Mastercard
  • David Eyton, Group Head of Technology, BP
  • Leila Martine, Product Marketing Director, Microsoft UK

More information about the program, speakers and registration can be found here.

Learning how to integrate innovation in company culture?

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