Capturing Value from ESG & Benchmarking

Taking a holistic view at the ESG ratings that matter most to leverage your efforts
Capturing Value from ESG & Benchmarking
Publ. date 31 Jul 2019
The demand for public non-financial information on environmental, social, and governance issues is both maturing and booming. Companies often elect to participate in ESG ratings to showcase their sustainability efforts to their investors and other stakeholders and to improve their performance.

Due to the proliferation of benchmarks and ratings and severe incompatibility between the different instruments, companies can become overwhelmed spending disproportionate amounts of their time on reporting at the expense of generating actual change.

Streamlining the different ESG benchmarks is essential to increase ESG performance, monitor progress, and guide management decision-making.

Key benefits of streamlining your ESG ratings approach are:

  1. Leverage ESG ratings. Use and combine insights from different ESG benchmarks in order to better understand what the improvement areas are in detail.
  2. Deeper engagement of stakeholders. Identify improvement areas that are (highly) relevant for multiple benchmarks and ratings focusing the efforts of the sustainability reporting team. This enables companies to fast-forward internal topic owners, as well as support board members and senior management of your organization in their decision making.
  3. Better focus - more result. Provide the mindset to focus on what matters most to the organization. Not only is the performance in the various benchmarks analyzed, this performance is correspondingly mapped on your company’s business strategy, materiality assessment, and enterprise risk management.


Interested in streamlining ESG rating efforts to create more impact?

Finch & Beak has over 25 years of experience helping companies accelerate their sustainability performance by using ESG ratings as change engine rather than a reporting burden. Contact Johana Schlotter at to streamline your ESG performance.

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