The World’s Best Investment: Vitamins for Undernourished Children

Fighting malnutrition has highest potential
The World’s Best Investment: Vitamins for Undernourished Children
Publ. date 2 Jun 2008
Over two years, more than 50 economists have worked to find the best solutions to ten of the world’s biggest challenges. Last week, an expert panel of 8 top-economists, including 5 Nobel Laureates, sat down to assess the research using a cost-benefit model to find the most effective solutions. The result is a prioritized list highlighting the potential of 30 specific solutions to combat some of the biggest challenges the world is facing. Combating malnutrition for 140 million children reached the number one spot.

Surprisingly, climate issues are far down on the list according to the economists at the Copenhagen consensus meeting. Climate change is reduced to place 14 on the list of challenges for the world to solve. This in turn questions the massive focus from both governments, NGO’s and private organizations and the amount of resources spend on climate change which according to Bjorn Lomborg, the founder of Copenhagen Consensus, is money ineffectively spend.

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