Dyeing Your Business Model Canvas Green

Accelerating sustainable innovation without greenwashing
Dyeing Your Business Model Canvas Green Dyeing Your Business Model Canvas Green
Publ. date 27 Jan 2017
Based upon 20 years of international experience in sustainability strategy and implementation, Finch & Beak developed a process tool to assist companies with the conception of sustainability as a key element of business strategy. The tool, called GLOBE-US, finds its basis in the Business Model Generation-approach of Osterwalder and Pigneur. GLOBE-US is comprised of 7 steps, starting with the original business model. Through the relevant material issues, the tool focuses on value creation and ultimately disruptive business model design.

Process for business value creation

Because of its structured and comprehensible process, GLOBE-US provides an understandable approach to company specifics on people, planet, and profit, and leads to a strategy roadmap for business value from sustainability. Over the past eighteen months, GLOBE-US has been tested with a number of clients in complex settings throughout Europe in three characteristic applications:

  1. Developing and enhancing sustainability strategy
  2. Training of senior managers on sustainability
  3. Development of marketing and sales propositions with frontrunner companies in sustainability

GLOBE-US in practice

By following the seven steps from the model, sustainability will become a key value driver for financial and societal impact. In the video, we briefly explain how the seven steps work in practice. 

  1. Description of the business model according to the ‘Business Model Canvas’:
    How is our customer’s business constructed? Who is/are the customer(s)? Who are the users? How many of them are there?
  2. Definition of the issues related to sustainability in the sector:
    Who are the stakeholders and which issues are relevant to them?
  3. Selecting and ranking material issues according to stakeholders and the company:
    Which issues are relevant to our stakeholders and what is their business impact?
  4. Mapping the competitive environment in a value curve
    What does the competitive environment on sustainability in our category look like?
  5. Setting ambitions and targets for future progress:
    Which specific benchmarks can we use to demonstrate our product/service superiority?
  6. Identifying opportunities in the strategic areas:
    Which opportunities are available in the field of eco-efficiency, innovation and customer intimacy?
  7. Feedback to the business model for a potential business model re-design:
    Disruptiveness: How can we redesign the existing business model with our customers?

Find out more

If you would like to know how your business may benefit from GLOBE-US, please contact Jan van der Kaaij, managing partner, at jan@finchandbeak.com or call +31 6 28 02 18 80.

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