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Multinationals and Water: Low or High Tide?

Water is an important social issue and still many people lack access to water. According to the Water Resources Group, the global water demand exceeds total water supply with 40% in 2030. And the WHO stated that water scarcity affects 1 in 3 people on every continent of the globe. The largest multinationals on the planet therefore have a large impact on the topic of water scarcity. What actions are these companies taking to reduce their water use? How do they communicate and which sectors are reporting the most on water issues?

DJSI 2012: Supersector Leader Telenet Joined by Liberty Global in World Index

For the second consecutive year, Telenet is listed in both the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe Index. Simultaneously, Liberty Global Inc., major shareholder in Telenet and listed at the NASDAQ, made its way to both the Dow Jones Sustainability World and North American Index.

Critical Success Factors of a Sustainable Company

A recent study by Professor Robert Eccles (Harvard Business School) found that ‘high sustainability’ companies significantly outperformed their counterparts over an 18 year period with 4.8% in terms of both stock market and accounting criteria, such as return on assets and return on equity. These survey results, and the increasing pressure from stakeholder groups such as investors, employees and NGOs on consideration of broad human needs, clearly underline the importance of being a sustainable company.

Impact of a Corporate Culture of Sustainability

Harvard Business School tested the performance of a sample of 90 companies that had adopted sustainability policies since the early 1990s when CSR was still at nascent stage, against a control peer group of 90 companies that only adopted sustainability more recently. Next, they used selected SAM/Dow Jones Sustainability Index data and found several interesting correlations.

Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2011: Telenet Proud Member of World Index

On September 8, 2011, the results of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes 2011 were announced. Telenet, Belgium's leading provider of broadband cable services, for the first time became a member of the DJSI. This makes Telenet currently the sole Belgian company in the World Index and the second European cable operator to be included in the index.

Sustainable strategy in logistics: Compass offers opportunities

Recently, the Clean Fleet program was launched in the US: a public-private collaboration, initiated by the Obama administration aimed at reducing the fuel consumption of large American companies. Making use of electric vehicles, alternative fuels and fuel-efficient measures, large companies such as Coca-Cola, Enterprise Holdings, Staples, General Electric, Ryder, and Osram plan to accelerate their sustainability efforts. The program contributes to the government’s target of importing a third less oil by 2025.

Social media + self organization = engagement

A text message from the neighbor who asks if she can bring you anything from the supermarket, a tweet from the boy down the street who helps you mow the lawn or a phone call from the older man around the corner who could use a hand taking out the garbage. Just some practical examples of a self organizing neighborhood.

The Dragonfly Effect

During World AIDS Day, Nike launched a broad campaign to combat AIDS. By bringing a red shoe lace to the market, Nike supported the good cause. With a mega celebrity like Didier Drogba as ambassador, Nike’s ‘Lace up saves lives’ campaign was communicated through several social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Within one day, Nike reached over 10 million people with the campaign and more than half a million tweets turned red.

Sustainable Mobility is on the move

If 66% of the people in the Netherlands are interested in driving an electric vehicle, why don’t we see them drive one? The most important reason for this is the number of electric cars on the market: they are there, but in really small numbers. Besides that, an average household of 2,2 persons with a yearly income of 30.000 Euro per year is not interested in a trendy and expensive two-seater.
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Put Your Mouth Where Your Shareholder’s Money Is

As a growing share of a company’s value is locked into intangible assets, investors are making more and more use of extra-financial indicators to determine a company’s health and investment potential. However, only few CEOs are being evaluated on this type of metrics when it comes to their annual performance reviews.
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