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Eco-Innovations: Maersk Line, Freixenet and Levi's

How promising ideas and concepts may look on paper, in practice many eco-innovation products, services, technologies and processes still fail to make the leap from lab to market. It is because of that reason that the European Union decided to set up Horizon 2020: the biggest EU research and innovation program ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available from 2014 to 2020, in order to stimulate successful sustainable innovation.

Climate Change: Making More out of Methane

Revision of the earlier set targets and ambitions in the 1990’s for reducing methane emissions in the United States, is demanded. Although the US methane emissions have decreased by 11 percent since 1990, the forecasts predict that they will increase through 2030 if additional action is not taken. “Fight climate change”, so says President Obama in his Climate Action Plan, which is directed to the Administration. Their goal is to develop a comprehensive, overarching strategy to cut methane emissions in the future. In addition the Administration also explores opportunities to put methane into use, because it can support local economies with a source of clean energy that generates revenue, encourages investment, improves safety and leads to cleaner air.
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