Project Management

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Impact Measurement & Valuation

Using sustainability information for strategic decision making
Impact valuation is a systematic way of measuring the impact of the core activities of a company, to manage risks, optimise costs and seize opportunities, and goes beyond the customary reporting and informing. Finch & Beak has co-developed a framework for impact measurement that can serve as an ESG tool to embed sustainability into vital business activities.
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Project Management

Implementation with immediate impact
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In-House Circular Economy Accelerator

Unleash the $4.5 trillion circular economy opportunity in your business
The circular economy has an overwhelming potential of $4.5 trillion – but what does that mean for your company? Finch & Beak's Circular Economy Sprint is designed specifically for companies looking to unleash the massive potential of the circular economy by downsizing it to a tangible and specific action plan. As a self-liquidating project investment, after 7 weeks you know the most valuable CE business opportunities and how to achieve them.

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