New Friends in Fashion: Nike + DyeCoo = ColorDry

Eliminating water & chemicals in dyeing process
New Friends in Fashion: Nike + DyeCoo = ColorDry
Publ. date 17 Jan 2014
Early December 2013, Nike celebrated the opening of a waterfree dyeing facility featuring high-tech equipment to eliminate the use of water and process chemicals from fabric dyeing at its Taiwanese contract manufacturer Far Eastern New Century Corp. Nike has named this sustainable innovation “ColorDry” to highlight the environmental benefits and unprecedented coloring achieved with the technology.

Nike had already announced in February 2012 that it had taken a strategic stake in Dutch start-up, DyeCoo Textile Systems B.V., a company that invented a technology to replace water, normally used for dyeing, with recyclable CO2, reducing energy use and eliminating the need for added chemicals in the process. Now, Nike is making concrete steps towards implementing technology innovations in order to decrease the impact of its supply chain.

How it works

Each year 7 billion kilograms of textiles are dyed. Every two years it uses more water than the Mediterranean sea, and 20% of industrial fresh water pollution comes from the clothing industry. DyeCoo's technology makes it possible to dye textiles with CO2, eliminating water from the dyeing process altoghether. 

Learn more about the dyeing process and its environmental benefits in the following infographic:

Waterless dyeing for the masses?

While DyeCoo's revolutionary technology is still far from mainstream, the company has gathered a great deal of attention so far. Its technology is applied by Nike and Adidas and the company received investment from IKEA GreenTech. Finch & Beak supported DyeCoo in their stakeholder management approach.

Support for sustainable innovation

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