Over 85 Million Animals Each Year Benefit from Standards

McDonald’s, Compass, Jumbo and Plukon awarded for best animal welfare practices
Over 85 Million Animals Each Year Benefit from Standards Over 85 Million Animals Each Year Benefit from Standards
Publ. date 29 Jun 2016
Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) organized its latest Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards ceremony in Berlin, where leading food businesses from around the globe were rewarded for their commitment to improving animal welfare standards in their supply chains. According to CIWF the higher welfare policies and practices of this year’s award winners are benefiting over 85 million animals each year.

The ceremony was opened with a personal video from Jamie Oliver addressing the audience with “I think what today is about is thanking people, individuals, departments, teams, brands, businesses, for going the extra mile, and caring. And pushing technology and creating animal welfare stories on wonderful food and building trust in a world that rapidly changing.”

McDonald’s, Plukon and Jumbo awarded for chicken practices

The Best Marketing Award 2016 was presented to McDonald’s UK for two initiatives: the ‘Good to Know’ campaign and the TV advertising around tree cover for laying hens. According to Connor McVeigh, Supply Chain Director at McDonald’s UK “It is integrated marketing campaigns such as ‘The Tree’ that plays out on our customer’s TVs, on radio, in print and online that are changing perceptions about us. This award is testament to the work our teams are delivering with the help and support of suppliers, responsible for adding value to our business and others.” That defines the perception of stakeholders today.

Best Innovation Award 2016 was awarded to Plukon Food Group in the Netherlands for the development of the ‘Windstreek Stable’ – a new design of broiler shed incorporating multiple features for improved welfare (including slower growing breeds, more space, a variety of enrichments and natural light) going above and beyond Compassion’s Good Chicken Award criteria. For the full list of award winners, refer to the download section on the left hand side of the screen.


Is Animal Welfare one of your top material issues?

It is always great to be named a leader, but it will only deliver value if the topics on which you excel are relevant from the perspective of your key stakeholders. A well balanced materiality matrix does not only cover business risks, but can also be used as a driver for innovation which is being labeled by GRI as 'moving beyond reporting'. Basically it all starts with a solid analysis of which sustainability topics are most relevant for both external stakeholders as well as the impact on the business.

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