DJSI Services: Real Impact from Benchmarking

Our 12-month approach to capture value from your CSA participation
DJSI Services: Real Impact from Benchmarking
Publ. date 13 Mar 2018
The demand from investors and institutions for ESG information increasingly puts pressure on companies. However, reporting activities often take up much time at the expense of creating real impact. As a European expert we see a lot of value in actively engaging in the leading ESG-benchmarks such as Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) and CDP, but at the same time the struggle that companies have to leverage all the efforts they have put into filling out the (sometimes very demanding) questionnaires.

Therefore, Finch & Beak has designed a 12-month approach that leads to continuous improvement of your sustainability program and its performance. Our work is characterized by a pragmatic approach that leverages existing assets in the short term, while identifying opportunities for strategic development in the future. The result is an effective process that supports you in tackling the must haves of reporting while leaving room for actual improvement of sustainability performance. Our method proves its success by the fact that Finch & Beak’s average tenure of DJSI-clients is more than three years.

The key benefits of benchmarking lean reporting include:

  1. Apply the CSA (Corporate Sustainability Assessment) as an engine for sustainability performance
    Get the most out of your efforts by using the CSA as a third-party assessment on non-financial performance to benchmark with industry peers, identify gaps and track year-on-year progress – with the ultimate goal of applying it as an engine for your sustainability program.
  2. Demystify how the DJSI and CSA works
    Gain a better understanding of the value drivers and why they matter to investors and other stakeholders. Get concrete recommendations to improve your company’s results in the short-, mid- and long-term, by focusing on better disclosures, sharper reporting, and practically improving performance – including on challenging topics such as human rights, supply chain management and human capital development.
  3. Build and activate a team of internal ambassadors
    Increase internal awareness on sustainability and build an engaged coalition for sustainable change within the organization.
  4. Spend resources wisely
    Reduce the burden on internal resources by co-developing an approach that focuses on the most impactful priorities, complemented with experienced guidance and, if required, turn-key project management.

Ready to improve your company's ESG benchmark performance?

With more than 15 years of experience in Dow Jones Sustainability Index support and a long-term collaboration with SAM/S&P Global, Finch & Beak has become Europe’s leading expert in assisting companies with their submission to ESG benchmarks. Interested in our support? Please download the service description in the download section or contact Johana Schlotter at or call her at +31 6 28 02 18 80.

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