Pinpointing The Potential of Sustainable Innovation

Chapter 11: Download Explore your Customore here
Pinpointing The Potential of Sustainable Innovation
Publ. date 7 Dec 2018
In order to better understand customer requirements and to encourage firms to generate Many Alternative Sustainable Solutions (MASS) in developing sustainable innovations, Explore Your Customore was created; a toolbox with a set of inspirational cards with proven innovation methodologies.

Explore Your Customore is intended as a free-to-use source of creativeness for teams working on customer-centered innovations.  The inspirational cards are subdivided into three categories that illustrate three different phases in the innovation process:

  • Inspiration – the inspiration cards contain techniques that focus on the start of the innovation process. They help to center on customer demands, generate new ideas, and think beyond the obvious.
  • Ideation – the ideation cards include methods to further develop innovative ideas. Besides, they assist in gaining a clear understanding of the purpose and the customer value potential of the innovation idea.
  • Implementation –  implementation cards are describing approaches for creating and validating the first prototypes of the innovation idea and suggestions on how to plan for a successful market introduction.

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