Tuesday December 13, 2022

ESG Acceleration Webinar: State of ESG 2023

Considering Where to Play and How to Win
In this ESG Acceleration Webinar, we discussed the key takeaways from Finch & Beak’s State of ESG 2023 report. ESG experts Nikkie Vinke and Josephin Schulz considered the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) results for 2022, and provided helpful advice for organizations on where to play and how to win in ESG in 2023.

Considering the State of ESG 2023

In the summer of 2022, Finch & Beak conducted a survey to understand how companies are approaching ESG ratings, the challenges they face, and the tools the companies utilize in an effort to activate a successful sustainability program. The 166 respondents consisted of a wide range of European professionals responsible for sustainability, investor relations, or corporate communications within their companies and was geographically diverse within Europe. The outcomes of the survey served as one of the inputs on Finch & Beak's forthcoming reporting on the state of ESG in 2023.

Where to play and how to win

During this webinar on 13 December, we will share the detailed outcomes of the report and also take a look at the, by then, published Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) results for 2022 to give our audience some helpful advice as organizations consider where to play and how to win in 2023. The session will be centered around the key learning points:

  • How to avoid the ESG reporting trap
  • Leverage TCFD for managing climate-related risks and opportunities
  • Ensure board engagement 2.0 on sustainability
  • Better collect supply chain data and manage upstream impacts


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The webinar will take place on Tuesday 13 December 2022 at 15:00-16:00 CET. Capacity for participants is limited, so sign up now to make sure you can join the session. If you are not able to join live at the time of the webinar, you are still welcome to register: we’ll send you a link to the recording afterwards.

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