CSR Implementation and Interim Management

Sustainability from strategy to practice
CSR Implementation and Interim Management
Publ. date 8 Feb 2012
Designing a strategy for corporate responsibility is only the beginning. The real challenge lies in the integration of this strategy into the DNA of the organization. A successful strategy implementation depends on the enthusiasm and support within the organization. The business case must be clear, but employees also need to be able to be inspired and engaged by the strategy. That is why innovation, inspiration and creativity are focal points in our approach, in addition to a solid academic foundation.

Implementation: making it real

As an organization, how do you take the first steps in order to reach your goals? En how do you make sure the wheels keep spinning after the first results are in? In order to realize a clear planning, Finch & Beak makes use of Plotting The Future: a tool which enables the creation of a 3 year plan which is translated into a 100 day plan in collaboration with stakeholders. This turns abstract goals into concrete steps. Besides that, Finch & Beak provides support in the implementation of sustainability strategy in a broader sense.

In addition, Finch & Beak also provides interim management. Is your organization starting a project for which extra help is desired? Are you in need of temporary replacement due to pregnancy or absence? We are pleased to make a personal appointment to discuss your specific requirements on interim management.


For more information on the implementation of CSR strategy or the possibilities for interim management, please contact us at hello@finchandbeak.com.

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