Practical Implementation of Ecodesign and Sustainable Innovation

OVAM SIS Toolkit makes sustainability and innovation more tangible

Resulting from long-term OVAM research towards customer demands, it appeared there was a stong need for a straight-forward tool that integrates sustainability aspects in an early stage of the design process. Industrial companies wanted to know how to put sustainable innovation and ecodesign into practice.

How does the OVAM SIS toolkit work?

The OVAM SIS (Sustainable Innovation System) tool combines three different perspectives on sustainability:
1. a value-creation perspective
2. a strategic and functional perspective
3. a lifecycle-perspective.

Five different levels of value-creation are integrated in the model: human capital, intellectual capital, financial capital, social capital and natural capital. The approach to innovation is based on system-thinking and includes the product lifecycle. This makes the SIS toolkit an excellent starting point to create value from ecodesign. It is a creative tool for people looking for sustainable solutions in all aspects of the designing process and business operations.

Open brainstorm or classical eco-design process

The SIS toolkit serves as a start-up for an open brainstorming session and also defines the project ambition in the classical ecodesignprocess. Besides a set of cards with inspiring questions, the tool exists of special Brainstorm Posters. The short video at the top of the page explains how the tool works.

Finch & Beak is officially authorized to use the OVAM SIS toolkit and is trained to help companies in implementing the toolkit. Contact us if you would like to hear more on how your company can create value from ecodesign and sustainable innovation.


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