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Sustainable Brand Focus: Nike

Founded in 1962 as Blue Ribbon Sports, Nike conquered the world with running shoes imported from Japan. Over the years, Nike’s product line further increased, leading to a total revenue of US $ 19,014 billion in 2010.

Inspiration for Accomplishing Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable innovation is transforming the competitive landscape. By aligning sustainability with business objectives, companies develop competencies that competitors will find difficult to match. Competitive advantages are not limited to higher revenues from better products and new businesses, but eco-efficiency practices can also lead to major cost savings.

Are supermodels wearing eco-bags?

Recently, the annual turnover of top level fashion brand Louis Vuitton was announced. LVMH, the biggest producer of luxury goods in the world, that also includes champagne brand Moët Chandon, reported a net profit of more than 3 billion euro’s with a turnover of 20,3 billion euro’s. Louis Vuitton works with recyclable materials and uses ink without any heavy metals in it. However, sustainability is not promoted on the Louis Vuitton website.
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MADE-BY: fashion is not for followers

The fashion industry embraces CSR. On the occasion of MADE-BY’s 5th anniversary Finch & Beak, together with GfK Panel Services, Solidaridad and MADE-BY presents a 10-minute guide with an outlook to the fashion industry of 2015.
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Key Trends in Fair Fashion

More and more retail chains and fashion brands like Replay, H&M, Zara en Mango are launching bio- or fair-trade product lines. A brand like Bata introduced ECO-FIT shoes that are partially produced from corn. Excellent developments but what are the anticipated longer term sustainability developments in the supply chain of this trendy industry?
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Green to become the new fashion colour

On Wednesday April 1st, consumer researcher GfK Panel Services organised the annual Fashion Conference 2009 for producers and retailers with the theme “Fairplay in Fashion”. From the presentations by amongst others Bjorn Borg, Puma and Levi’s it is showed that in fashion sustainability is becoming an increasingly hot topic.
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Fashion is not for followers

On December 15th 2009, MADE-BY celebrated its 5 year anniversary. This happening was celebrated with a global network event during the day and a festive celebration in the evening. The event brought together partners of all relevant parties along the whole textile and clothing supply chain to actively share knowledge and network at every possible level.
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