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Materiality activation: ownership, actorship and more

ESG Acceleration Webinar: Materiality Activation

This webinar dealt with the challenge of generating real change while implementing sustainability. Together with guest speaker Rebecca Dunn, Head of Sustainability at Spectris, we explored how to transform the materiality assessment from a reporting tool to an accelerator for the activation of your sustainability program.
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Change Agents for Circular Economy Business Modelling

Nowadays global sustainability professionals are thinking big. For instance, at the recent World Circular Economy Forum the gigantic €4.5 trillion business opportunity that the circular economy represents was addressed by presenters from organisations such as Sitra, WBCSD, IKEA and Novozymes. Nevertheless, making big ideas small enough to implement them into our daily business routine remains a sizable challenge – especially since circular economy success largely depends on a high degree of value chain collaboration.

Finch & Beak and TNT in BNR Duurzaam

How do you make sure your sustainability strategy comes alive in all layers of the organization? Finch & Beak' change management workshop Change Pro® delivered new insights to TNT. At its core is the motivation and involvement of managers and employees with a core message that is aligned with their goals and reality. This often happens from the enthousiasm of the Green Team, which talks passionately about the topic, but too much from their own world.

Gamification is hot, also for CSR

Globally, people spend 3 billion hours per week on gaming. And what do people do with those other billions of hours? That’s right: working. Gaming has become more and more integrated into work. Almost half of the German employees are playing games during working hours, with an average percentage for CEOs and CFOs at even 61% (Reinecke, 2009). It seems that gaming is a powerful tool for involving employees. Games provide a sense of productivity and control. How could you translate these insights into something beneficial for your company, for instance CSR? The booming trend that is dealing with this, is Gamification.

Nintendo hopes to game its way towards more environmental friendliness

Our personal attitude is maybe the most important factor in the strive towards more environmental responsibility – and the hardest to change. Computer games which integrate play and learning might help us towards better understanding and concern about the environment. “Eco Creatures: Save the Forest” is one of Nintendo’s newest games for their handheld Nintendo DS. So far the game has only been released in Japan, but plans are to release soon in North America.
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Sekisui Inspires Youngsters to Drive Sustainable Change

Sekisui Chemical Company, the Japanese manufacturer of high quality polyolefin foams is very active in the field of sustainability. In 2007, when Sekisui celebrated its 60-year anniversary, it organized the first Global Children’s Eco Summit in Japan with children from all over the world, followed by regional events in Europe, North-America and Asia.The big idea behind the involvement of this specific stakeholder group is that they are very well equipped to be change agents for a sustainable future.

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