Monday September 21, 2020

Start of the IMD Winning Sustainability Strategies Online Program

Learn how to embed sustainability into the core of your business
Following the publication of the book Winning Sustainability Strategies, IMD Lausanne is launching an online program aimed at business executives, strategy practitioners and sustainability professionals who are interested in the business case for sustainability and its strategic implications. Facilitated by the authors Jan van der Kaaij, Managing Partner of Finch & Beak, and IMD professor Benoit Leleux, the program starts on 21 September 2020 and is designed to help integrate sustainability in your strategy so you can maintain your competitive edge.


Building on concept set out in Winning Sustainability Strategies, participants will build a strong business case for sustainability, understanding better their purpose, their strengths and weaknesses and developing opportunities for innovation during a five-week journey. Participants will establish the appropriate targets and monitoring mechanisms, as well as aligning systems required to propel business forward.

Supported by a professional learning coach, participants will leave with their own action plan, essential for stakeholder buy-in, plus all the tools and frameworks to confidently lead the sustainability transformation.

The program is structured in five units, covering the following topics:

Unit 1: Business in a changing world

  • Find out about the UN SDGs and key global sustainability trends
  • Learn about the vectoring model and its component parts
  • Complete the sustainability scoresheet for your organization

Unit 2: Developing purpose-driven organizations

  • Understand the importance of focus on specific sustainability issues
  • Learn about  the concept of materiality and apply it to your own organization
  • Reformulate company purpose

Unit 3: Reporting on targets and progress

  • Learn how to design a robust sustainability reporting framework for your own company
  • Understand how to embed the SDGs into your business strategy
  • Find out how to successfully position sustainability within a modern business context

Unit 4: Transformation toward a circular economy

  • Understand how to address opportunities and threats arising from the circular economy
  • Apply tools such as the waste hierarchy and stakeholder partnerships
  • Examine circular strategies for solution development

Unit 5: Implementing sustainability 

  • Create a high-level action plan to implement sustainability strategy in your organization
  • Examine the potential of innovation platforms and collaborative networks
  • Anticipate resistance and obtain superior engagement from teams

The program starts on Monday the 21st of September for 5 weeks of study (4-6 hours per week). Click to visit the program website for more information, to download the program brochure and to apply directly.

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