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Corporate Excellence Centre for Reputation Leadership

Excelencia empresarial in Madrid: Corporate Excellence Centre

The Spanish Corporate Excellence Centre for Reputation Leadership came together on March 18th in Madrid to explore ways to strenghten the link between sustainability and corporate reputation. Illustrated by the Torres case, Finch & Beak' managing partner Jan van der Kaaij showed the members the opportunities and challenges.
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During EURIB's Reputation Management in Four Days program

Guest lecture Josée van der Hoek on governance and leadership

Josée van der Hoek, partner and senior consultant Finch & Beak, will deliver a guest lecture on governance and leadership during EURIB's upcoming Reputation Management in Four Days program.

On Authenticity: Is It True Love between the Octopus and the Frog?

Chiquita had a doubtful reputation. But after partnering for many years, Chiquita and Rainforest Alliance signed a co-branding agreement. In Switzerland, this initiative lead to an open letter of over 10 NGO's that questioned Chiquita's authenticity and, as a result, pulling back the advertising campaign.
Jan van der Kaaij spoke about reputation and CSR performance

Finch & Beak at Reputation Institute's 2013 Global Conference

The Reputation Institute’s 17th International Conference on Corporate Reputation, Brand Identity and Competitiveness took place on June 5-7 in Barcelona. This year focused on how companies can better navigate multi-stakeholder relationships & perceptions towards greater success, and the bottom line impact of reputation capital and resiliency.

RepTrak Belgium 2013: Importance of Sustainability for Corporate Reputation

A strong corporate reputation is one of the most wanted assets for corporations. Easier attraction of investors and employees and legitimacy for premium pricing are only a few of its benefits. Increasingly, sustainability is part of the road towards that highly sought after strong reputation, according to data from the Reputation Institute, thought leader in the field of corporate reputations.

Branchemarking: How Are the Top 100 Global Brands Performing?

Based on the recent publication from the Reputation Institute “2012 - Global RepTrak™ 100 the World’s Most Reputable Companies”, there is a significant relation between brand reputation and brand recommendations by consumers. The consumer study, conducted in 15 countries, puts together interesting conclusions and is an excellent source for branchemarking.

Corporate reputation as indicator of success

A solid corporate reputation brings many benefits to the organization. Premium pricing and easier attraction of capital and talented employees are just a few of those benefits. In short: it pays off to invest in your reputation. Therefore, it is important to know where you stand with your organization, and in which areas you can make progress.
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Crisis puts reputations under pressure

The McKinsey Quarterly edition of June 2009 carries the article “Rebuilding corporate reputations” which again underlines the value of effective stakeholder management. The top 3 priorities they indicate when dealing with stakeholder management are:
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