Creating Shared Value



INSEAD is one of the world's leading and largest business schools and has campuses in Singapore, Fontainebleau, and Abu Dhabi. INSEAD's MBA was ranked number 1 by the Financial Times in 2016.

Building Future-Proof Business Through Sustainability

The idea of business model innovation is an appealing concept that is assembling passionate business leaders. Leading academics focused on the topic, like Porter and Prahalad, discussed the qualities of disruption and, its value creating opportunities by shifting business models. However many C-suite managers are hesitant to change their current model, since change seems a synonym for risk. But is that still the case in a context of shifting powers, needs and challenges? Norbert Reithofer, CEO of BMW Group presented an opposing view when asked why BMW started the risky e-car project: "Because doing nothing was even a bigger risk," he claimed.
Value2 book presentation in Brussels

Value for Business & Society is shared value

In Value², Sabine Denis (Change Executive Officer at Business & Society Belgium) describes the concept of shared value in detail and makes the link between economic activity and sustainable well being in society.

Smart Cities, Smart Transit: Bike Shares as Urban Transport Solution

If you have explored a large city in the past five years, there’s a fair chance you noticed neatly organized rows of bicycles in racks on sidewalks, available for public usage. May it be the Parisian pioneering public Vélib' system, or corporation-sponsored programs Barclays Cycle Hire in London and Citi Bike in New York, large-scale bike sharing systems have in common that they are adding a highly individual form of low-carbon transit in cities that are continuously looking for measures to become more liveable and maintain their attractiveness for citizens and businesses.

Hybrid Planes: The Power of Green Tarmac Taxiing

Since 2012, emissions for flights from and to the 28 EU Member States are included in the EU Emissions Trading System. And for a good reason, someone flying from London to New York and in return generates roughly the same level of emissions as the average person in the EU does by heating their home for a whole year. It is calculated that direct emissions from aviation account for about 3 per cent of the EU’s total greenhouse gas emissions and the number is rising, even if we take future fuel efficiencies into account. So the airline industry is increasingly under pressure for its emission-challenges.

Exploring New Business Models in Helsinki

Mid September, Finch & Beak's managing partner Jan van der Kaaij flew to Helsinki to conduct a workshop at HAAGA-HELIA, university of applied sciences, about how to implement shared value so that it creates better business.

How to Build Strategic Partnerships in the Value Chain

Responsible purchasing is an increasingly important part of supply chain management. Suppliers are analyzed on different environmental and social aspects, for example on labor conditions or the prevention of hazardous waste. By acting upon the results and making strategic partnerships within the value chain, companies can realize social, environmental, and even monetary benefits.

Putting the Concept of "Creating Shared Value" to Work

In one of his interviews on Creating Shared Value (CSV), professor Michael Porter compares CSV to the traditional Fair Trade approach. In his view, Fair Trade is about how to share the pie in an ethical way and CSV is more about how to expand that pie. What's more is that CSV is regarded by professor Porter as one of the greatest (future) differentiators of businesses and as the next chapter in thinking about business strategy.

Over 85 Million Animals Each Year Benefit from Standards

Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) organized its latest Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards ceremony in Berlin, where leading food businesses from around the globe were rewarded for their commitment to improving animal welfare standards in their supply chains. According to CIWF the higher welfare policies and practices of this year’s award winners are benefiting over 85 million animals each year.
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